PointMatter is a SaaS platform that delivers savings and value from investments in legacy control systems & IoT devices.

LogicMatter’s cloud hosting platform and SaaS solutions are designed to help System integrators, Facility Managers and OEMs derive savings and value from their investments in control systems and IoT devices.

Our cloud platform provides additional apps & templates to report on critical spaces and equipments. Quickly and easily create reports to monitor health, safety, compliance, efficiency and diagnostics of facilities & environments.

Additionally LogicMatter helps owners and operators with cloud, SQL and other data services to ensure success of data apps & solutions.

Success Driven

Managed Data Analytics
  • Easy to Setup
  • Simple to learn
  • Report Issues
  • Detect Faults
  • Track inefficiencies

Access Facilities, Controls & IoT data in the cloud for reporting and analytics

Alerton and LogicMatter have partnered to host and manage Compass Advance Reporting in the Cloud. We provide all the necessary infrastructure to easily setup and onboard customers to use Compass Advanced Reporting in the Cloud. Building Automation System ("BAS") Customers running Compass 1.5.1 and Compass1.6 can quickly start to report on Trend Logs, Alarms, Energy and Device data in HTML, PDF and CSV formats.

  • Increase business value to Customers
  • Faster response to take BAS actions
  • Improve Compliance reporting
  • Optimize Energy usage
  • Support complex report templates
  • Detect Faults and trends
  • LogicMatter support for Data Engineering
  • Full technical support provided
  • Professional Services Available
  • Reduce costs & learning curve
  • Be proactive in rather than reactive

Our Services

Cloud-based reporting
Fully managed
Easy setup
Long term Storage
Disaster Recovery
Integrate third-party BAS
Power BI/Tableau support
Ideal for healthcare

Buying Cloud ARS & PointMatter

Cloud ARS & PointMatter solutions can be purchased from Alerton dealers.

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